Departure from Tack

Tack is a company that I co-founded with two of my friends in college back in 2015. The three of us set out on a quest to fix small-scale task management with UX as the focus. Since then, my co-founders and I have gone to hell and back. Whenever we thought we were over the hill, a mountain was on the horizon. We’ve had to make decisions that no early twenty year-olds should have to make. Countless hopeless dead-ends on the verge of breaking us, but we stood our ground and our resolve opened up new paths for us to take. Every rejection email and missed deadline felt like a punch in the gut, but it only took one supportive comment for us to regain our motivation and keep charging.

It took us a while to conclude this was the right decision but today marks the last day of Tack Technologies. Kevin, Keegan, and I have decided that although we believe in our vision, our progress has been modest and our time will be better spent on other endeavours. We are grateful for all the advice and encouragement we received from fellow entrepreneurs, investors, friends, and family.

The experience I have gained from the last three years as a young entrepreneur, co-founder, CTO, Product Manager, Project Manager, Lead Developer, and any other hat I had to put on at that time, has been invaluable. It has been a pleasure, I wish my Co-Founders the best and I thank those who supported Tack on this harrowing journey. I’m going to be taking a break to rediscover myself and find out what is next. I’m not sure what or where the next adventure awaits but I know one thing for certain; I have no regrets thus far.

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